Corinne Hotel
Historical architecture, with a sensitive touch...
The CORINNE HOTEL, embracing Istanbul’s cultural richness and history, invites you on a journey to comfort in all its facets. 

The CORINNE HOTEL, a witness to history, emerges now at the crossing of two quiet streets, Ayhan Işık and Turnacıbaşı tucked away only blocks from Taksim Square. 

The building now housing the CORINNE HOTEL was constructed by the Architect Kemaleddin Bey, one of the most distinguished architects in the history of the Ottoman and Republican era His name is still honored in our country. Numerous streets still bear his name, (his statue stands in İzmir and his memory lives on in his picture decorating the 20 lira banknote). 

The CORINNE HOTEL has transferred the mysteries of the past to the present and staying loyal to the original structure of the building it was restored with respect for nature using ecofriendly technology. Our hotel with its interior design blending the modern with the historical past opens the doors to its 39 rooms to host guests who crave luxury and boutique service.

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